Wednesday, March 03, 2010


And today in the cab (before we dozed off), we wondered what happened to all the drive, by which I mean, of course, all the passion and the competitive spirit. When did we stop being the girls who raced with each other to answer the teacher first, the ones who fought over every quarter of a mark and who exulted in the title 'first in class'. When did it all fizzle out? I know people who still have that urge to win, to race and no, they don't do it to put it in their resume. They do it because they're passionate about winning and enjoy competing! Where did it all go? Apart from a temporary resurfacing during competitive exams, where has that zeal gone? Why are we now stuck in the mediocrity rut? And more importantly, why has it stopped mattering? Why are we now content to run at the same pace?


Hidayath said...

I wonder about that too. I guess priorities change as you go on. The fight is for bigger and better things.

In fact I'd take it a step further and say that if one keeps fighting for the same thing year after year, they're stagnating. There's bigger fish to fry in life than beating someone at some exam.

There's only so much time in a day and only so much effort one can put in - shifting focus to something else necessitates an amount of mediocrity in other things.

Or maybe I'm just saying that to myself so I don't have to feel bad at not being driven in certain things anymore ...

sam said...

like i said, i was so elated when i felt that kinda of rush after aeons at a kids' game arcade :D . I thought i had lost it forever!


P.S.: u can compete with me at making khorma, khubooli ;)