Tuesday, March 02, 2010


So I made:
Khubuli (amazing rice)
Mutton Khorma
Do pyaaza 

They were all edible and while I wouldn't say they were spectacular, there was nothing wrong with them! Yayy :D 

Was also listening to self-image psychology by Yassir Fazaga. Man, he is so awesome, masha allah. And totally made up for my bunking the personality-development classes that I was supposed to attend on weekends. Here's the link if anyone's interested.

Had a looong conversation with Appydoo. Twas good. 

Rev is quitting. Bossman is terrible person, really. After talking to Appy, I realized that cribbing levels in our team are very high. I think I need to tune them out. Today I kept telling myself to becool, becool. Worked.

Oh and Ammaarah thinks her parents are 'dangerous' for not letting her come to India. :D

And most importantly, ladies and gentlemen, we're now at <100 days insha allah.... from 454 once upon a time! 




mythalez said...

the list made me hungry!

and is the days countdown for what i think it is for? :P

sam said...

ok, so when i open that restaurant i've been planning to, i shall call the khubooli 'Amazing Rice'. Thanks :P