Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Notes to myself

There is SO much happening in my life right now - and I feel like I'm slowly climbing up that roller coaster and then, and then... hopefully there'll be a WHEEEEEEEEEE insha allah. As of today, (not counting today) there are... 59 days to go! Alhamdulillah and insha allah. Man, can't believe i'm here. Lots of stuff happened the last two weeks - curfew got me back to the grandparents' house, made it feel like a vacation and a gift. Was glad to be with Immu again - also when Aroush and her mommy arrived, the PAX went out again though they were PAAX. Jokes were cracked about the 'uncles' being a PAX of their own. :D Just the thought is hilarious. 

Quit the job finally. Last day at work is May 5th. Immu found it hard to believe that I felt the tiniest pang of sadness at leaving. Well, I did! I was also told I 'handled it very badly'. What IT is, I canna tell. X( Anyway, all's well that ends well insha allah. 

Went with M&D and finalized the wedding card today... a little expensive, but elegant methought. Yes, ladaas and ladies, the wedding's on the 6th of June, insha allah. Have to start putting together the invites and everything. Everytime I think 'marriage' it makes me shudder a leetle bit. Man, why do we have to grow up? :<

Gtg now, gotta get howm. Sayonaras.


mythalez said...

nice ... congrats once again!! [both for quitting the job and for the wedding ;) ]

Dreamcatcher said...

Wow. Congratulations :)