Sunday, November 01, 2009

Day 1

Assalamualaikum and good morning everybody! :D NaBloPoMo is here and this blogger plans to have something new for you everyday!

Okay, I don't sound like myself. I was woken up by a colleague who wanted to add more work woes to my weekend. I must say though, the past couple of weekends, I voluntarily took work home! Does that sound like me? Sigh. the downsides of being responsible, proactive, fruity - blah!

Last weekend involved two visits to the shiniest mall in the city and it reminded me of malls in the gelf. I liked. The Sudha was also with me and much silly fun was had. The second visit was a mall-seeing visit for the grandmom who complained that so-and-so malls have been open for so long and nobody's taken me! That was good too. Aldo has such undeniably attractive shoes! replete of course, with not-so-attractive prices.

Yesterday we went to the old school road. We weren't very awara because immu's mother was with us, but it was good to have (meethi) pani puri and ganne ka ras (my phone's predictive output had just turned that into ganne ka rascals :D) after so long.

Okay, I should get started on work. also, need to pin on the NaBloPoMo badge and some more changes!

See you tomorrow!


mythalez said...

all the best with the month !! ;)

shub said...

see YOU tomorrow!