Monday, November 02, 2009

Day 2

I'm back! But I would've forgotten if I hadn't noticed the dodo's and shub's comments on the previous post.

The day began well in spite of last night being terrible. I lay awake in my grandmom's room looking at the window, the curtains were drawn to a side and daylight was barely streaming it, thanks to it being winter and 7 AM in the morning. On a usual day, whenever I wake up the room is in almost complete darkness because the curtains are drawn. I made note of this important point and fell asleep again only to feel a blanket go thump on me and when I opened my eyes, the room was in darkness again and my dear grandmom had covered me up with another blanket. So suwweeet.

I thought I would talk about my U.S. trip, I thought I would write about all the other posts that I've been mentally writing and I also intended to change things on my blog, but it looks like that isn't going to happen. I am being bombarded with work and mid-year review deadlines! Noooooooo!

And I just sent a very, very important email to very, very important people without a subject! Gah. Outlook should have a check like Gmail (which actually irritates me :|). From now on I should always send important emails to myself first! Stoopid garal.

Much joy there was this morning. I hope it lasts.

Among other things, a friend loaned me some Britney Spears Fantasy lotion cause my skin looked dry. Now I smell like fruity candy. I must really be losing it, because I just noticed I had spelt fantasy as fantaCy. WHAT?!!

I also just realized that I've missed blogging. Muah muah to you bloggie. You're very old, you know. If you were a person, you would probably be running around pulling girl's ponytails or playing teacher-teacher/house-house (if you were boy or girl respectively). (I've just realized that I don't know much about what 5 year old boys or girls do all day. What do they do?)

Little Aroush smiled at me today. It was so, so precious! I can't wait for her to grow up. It will apparently take her another 2-3 months to grab things from people's hands. I'm sure her mom is tired of people impatiently ranting about such thinguz.

Ammy of course is talking like an 80 year old. Last week, she apparently told my mom, 'Agar ho sake toh maaf kar do mamma'. That just left me speechless.

Okay, I be goes to behome.

Bee you tomorrow!


mythalez said...

Ammy is watching too much TV and movies .. what say? :P

Dreamcatcher said...

err Ammy is like how old again?
And good luck galore for the month!
I'll be reading you and Shub with avid interest.

mythalez said...
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mythalez said...

err .. day3?
come on .. u can keep up !!

Argentyne said...

doda, they no have tv in their house. I think her parents are enough for the drama :D

Ish, she's all of two and a half :D

Thank ye. My day 3 post never went up! :(