Thursday, October 22, 2009

I swear I'll get back to work after this

I forgot what I wanted to write about :| And now I have a bad, bad headache. Haven't slept much in the last few days. But it's nice not to have daily and almost 8-hourly deadlines. I need to get back to work. I miss my headphones so badly :(

I shall bulletthepoint stuff I wanted to write about (what I can recall now):

1. A long conversation during which I alternated between gritting my teeth and laughing out loud. #happiness

2. Mulling over New York. I should really write about it during nablopomo or I'm going to forget everything.

3. Recent happenings that require that I hold a long conversation with the parents. I know already that nothing's going to come out of it, but it's something I *HAVE* to share. #giddiness

4. Crossing that fine line between colleagueship and friendship and related dilemmas

5. Death and old age. A lot of people recommended 'Love In The Time Of Cholera', and I finally read it. At the end of it, I was left plagued by the difficulties of old age old age than pondering over the definitions of love. I admit that some of the writing is pithy, but seriously, what is so great about the book? Also, did anyone notice that a couple of sentences are repeated verbatim elsewhere in the book? That was so weird!

6. Putting little Aroush to bed. Babies are so gobble-able.I don't think I will ever be able to figure out people not wanting to have kids.

7. Ammy, Ammy, Ammy. I miss you.

8. Luck by chance. It's true, one must always carpe diem.

9. Transitioning. For the better insha allah.

10. Spent almost half of Monday shopping. Didn't buy anything I didn't need. The shopping urge remains unsated.

11. I'm happy. #alhamdulillah

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mythalez said...

so, did u get back to work after this? :P