Monday, November 09, 2009


It looks like the Europe trip might finally, actually, happen! How awesome it will be, insha allah! I’m glad that the time restriction doesn’t hold so much anymore, but the situation is slightly funny, deciding where to go when there are so many more important things yet to be decided. I hope this will be important enough to everyone else to count in their heads as a constraint. Sigh.

I love the fact that I thought about Turkey and so many coinkidinkis happened. I still don’t know if its possible though. As stupid and hindi-filmi as it sounds, I saw videos of Switzerland and was taken by the idea of going there! Then I saw Greece in another movie and that seemed tempting too. And then I was looking at the map and saw the Netherlands and remembered a calendar we used to have that had a picture of amazingly beautiful tulips… Sigh. Tis so beautiful. Why is it so expensive though? :’(

Okay, off to home.



mythalez said...

Turkey .. is in Yurap? is it? :P

Swiss should definitely be included!
And Vienna! and Prague! Venice? :P
and the city called Paris!
and dont forget Barcelona :P

and wat abt the nice lil country called UK? :P even though u will need a diff visa for it :(

shub said...

w00t. Europe. Why do I remember DDLJ? :D

Dreamcatcher said...

Go to Spain. And Italy. And Austria. And Prague. Please go to Prague. And London. And Greece.
Ok i'll stop now.