Sunday, November 08, 2009

phbbbbbbbbbbbt (for lack of a better word)

The grandmother is very sad. Somehow, there's some problem with a bunch of cable tv channels and the grandmother's favourite Colors is gone too. The first day, however, she couldn't watch TV because her son and grandsons had taken over the TV to watch a cricket match. So she went into her bedroom (which I share with her because the grandfather has so, so generously vacated it for me to sleep comfortably and sleeps in the drawing room instead) and sat on the bed, picked up her cellphone and dialed her daughter who lives in Jodhpur. The same daughter who first got her hooked to these serials when she had come down for the summer vacation. She calls up her daughter and the conversation goes like this

"Achcha, yahan pe match chalra, jaldi jaldi batao kya hora?"
"...Achcha, haan woh ladka toh waisa hi tha"
"...Achcha, haan main samajh gayi thi woh buddhi aisich karingi bolke. Achcha usko malum hogaya tha?"
"Aur woh aath baje ke serial mein woh ladki ko kya hua?"
"Achcha... aur saade das wale serial mein?" :D

Poor grandmom. She just goes to bed early now.

The post that I had written did get pubished yest, only after I wrote the 'cheating type of post' to make up for it. So das. I spent nearly an hour and a half writing an assignment, rather copying one for the M. I've completely lost the habit of writing with my hand. Thanks to my awesome (the HIMYM effect) typewriting speed, I hardly ever take handwritten notes anymore. So within ten minutes of writing, my hand seemed like it had frozen and hurt terribly! It was nice to write after so long though.

Am I not sounding like the horrible bore at a party? I have the lamest posts! But I shall keep at it, I should be able to do this at least! I'm so used to twitter, I really can't get past 140 characters.

Immu might have met her future hubzand today. We do not have the details yet. I have not seen any girl react to the idea of getting married as this girl does. May God bless her with the best.

see ya o


mythalez said...

blame twitter for it all!! :P

blister said...

gaaaaaaaaawd! man, never thought the Gran would go this far.... and Mr.Immu??? details plz...