Wednesday, November 11, 2009

1:20 PM: There should be a way to have the peace of mind needed to write. If
I go on like this, at the end of this month I'm going to end up hating my
blog. Because I never wanted to write when I didn't feel like it. No, I'm
not giving up, not yet anyway. It should be easy, to give yourself a
makeover. (Not the beauty kind, but the personality kind). And you wake up
being the person you've always wanted to be and people around you, okay my
mom wants me to be. So much of Zen Habits and neither the habits nor zen.
Does anyone remember that lovely sequence in That 70s Show where Hyde
teaches Jackie to be zen? It was awesome! I remembered that yesterday when I
behaved very pettily in response to similar behaviour. How do men find it so
easy to have a thick skin and not worry about 'haww what she said' and
'hawww how she spoke to me' and 'haww <other nonsense>'. Russell Peters'
video on 'Women are thinkers' is so spot on. It was as if some portions of
that video were tailor made for me. I'm often thinking the randomest things,
and one of my weird thinking habits is to wonder where things originated.
For exampul, if someone's telling another person about this great restaurant
they discovered, I wonder who they must have learned about it from, and who
that person must have learned it from and how the first person ever noticed
this place. Somewhere along the chain, I forget and get back to work, but I
often indulge in such silly chains of thinking. Please tell me I'm not the
only one :|

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