Sunday, April 19, 2009


Blogger says I last blogged on March 22nd. Wow, so close to making it a whole month! But well, my conscience was bugging me and Blister was bugging me more, so, here we go:

1. April 2nd. W.H.O.A.
2. Desperately want to start afresh workwise. Still wondering how to get about doing that.
3. Ammy's growing up into a Hyderabadi buddi says her mom. Couldn't agree more. Somebody should slow down these kids.
4. 5 of us cousins watched '13B' last night, huddled in a corner with the volume on the speakers turned up and the lights off. Turned my back to the laptop and missed a reel life meets real life scary moment and three of the girls screamed. Why do I torture myself with horror movies, anyway? Immu was her irritating, brave tomboy self and did not bat a lid as she watched the movie all the while scoffing at us poor scared mortals.
5. Too many break-ups. Too many relationships not working out. We need more happy stories.
6. First sustained attempt at reading non-fiction, Basharat Peer's 'Curfewed Night'. Haunting.
7. Had an amazing two days attending a Corporate Etiquette class. I still don't have answers to his questions 'What do you really want to do?' and 'What's stopping you?'

In office now. Yayyy! :|

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blister said...

what are you!!!??.....5???
how can such a spoofy, stupid, SToooPID movie be scary!