Friday, May 01, 2009

Notes to myself

It's another one of those days. Long, interminable. How long am I going to feel like this? Yes, probably until I finish all my scorecards. And when will I do that? Now that's a question without an answer. You know how they show days passing by in the movies? Clouds rushing away, in the daytime, over and over again? I feel like that. All my days seem the same. Sure, there are days when the bwas outnumber the whees or the other way round, but mostly, they're just empty days. Empty, I wish, would translate into having nothing to do. I do, 'do stuff' but it seems like nothing in the end. 

Yesterday seemed like one of the 'gooder' days. There's a new project, at least worth talking about. Yes, there's a lot of statistics involved and that scares me, but still, it's new. Then the parents alaafed the girl to go buy herself a new cell. Which was worth wheeing about for at least a few hours. And I did. Opened up lots of tabs with mobile phone reviews only to hastily minimize them when someone scary showed up. Last week could have been called 'feedback' week. Ugh. I wonder why I'm not allergic to that word yet. Oh and a job offer popped in my inbox. But I don't think I'm interested. The only reason why I considered it was because it would be something new. But there's no point in moving onto something else just cause it's new, right? It's funny how I always used to think that the pay would be the least important criterion when it came to finding the 'right' job. And now, it keeps me stuck, the fear, the insecurity. How sad. 

Pfft. It's time I get back to my 'model recreation'. If only it was really recreation. My shopping-craving self has been complaining of neglect. Oh which reminds me that I spent quite some time going over Macy's and other American department stores' websites last week. I even went to Google Maps and looked up the road that Macy's was on. (Yes, we can add a few lines to the 'Confessions of A Shopaholic' script). How I heart Google Streetview. Blister was telling me you can clearly see New York uncle's house on the map. I really loves. I kept wishing that I could somehow get a 'Streetview' into Macy's itself, walk in, wander the aisles, and buy something if I liked it! That's how they should make shopping websites :D. Sigh. MUSTGOSHOPPINGSOON. The new, big, shiny mall opens today. 

Sniff. I wants out. I wants freedom. I wants job I be at least marginally passionate about. Only wants, nothing does. Stoopid girl. 

Now back to the model recreation. 

Oh and Ammy said, 'I eat juice'. :D 


Arslan said...

Wishing you lots of whees! Is work really that boring? :|

mythalez said...

lol ... beware! Ammy is becoming a Bong !!! :P

Sophist said...


Dreamcatcher said...

Lol @ Mythalez's comment.
Work is that boring?

blister said...

WHAT!!!? you're buying a new cell phone again!? WHY? dont act like a 16 year old! WHat do u need a new mobile for anyway, and I can't believe mom n dad let you... they are SO relaxed with you... (well, atleast compared to how they were with ME) hmmph!....AND... you didn't even tell me...i have to find out through your blog? yayyy! we tell each other everything, and speak to each other everyday! hmmph! and by the way, your blogging is getting shoddier and juvenile-er everyday. shape up or well... ship out! yes, I'm can hurt you, that's why I'm called Blister.

Argentyne said...

Arslan, yes, it can be! Be prepared!

Doda, didn't get that about being a Bong. What?

Sophist, :) back at you!

Dreamcatcher, it's better now. But yes, it can be terrible.

Blister, :-s I'll put some Betadine on you!

mythalez said...

In Bong language i.e Bengali, the same word is used for both "eat" and "drink". So, they would, "jal khabo" to mean "drink water" (am sure i am using the wrong grammar) .. hence Ammy is becoming a Bong! :P

whew ... these ignoramuses :P