Sunday, March 22, 2009


Sometimes you just get tired of having the same conversations over and over again with the same people. Maybe you should put a compulsory break in between so that the next time you talk, you have something new to share, and it's not the same dos and don'ts repeated again, the same dry conversation and a feeling of being irritated and relieved when it's over instead of feeling at peace. Reminds me of how I told mom one day that I couldn't bear to meet a certain colleague on a weekend cause it was bad enough to bear with them during the week, and how I thought to myself after that whether the same thing didn't apply to family members. Hmm. Right now though, Baba's telling me a joke and I'm all ears :D Or eyes.

This time is usually depressing, with the tubelight on and darkness outside. Life's become a sticky rut. The zing is missing.
I realize that I'm still not doing a thing with my life and I still am too deeply ingrained into my routine to do anything about it. Phah.

:| What to do? I've even given up on reading Zen Habits :| I need a push, a shove. Push me off, someone. Deep dive? Come up with a pearl?

Argh. The only thing I'm going to feel good about tonight is that I'm going to sleep earlier than usual. Yes, at least one thing. I hope that it somehow guarantees that this week will be better than the previous ones. GIVE ME THE FREE SEASON, ALREADY!

I'm jaded, grounded. Arrrrrrrrrr.


mythalez said...

where r the whees, i ask?

hmm, notice that u just need to skip a 'r' to get to 'whee' from 'where' ?

ah okay .. i shall stop babbling :D

blister said...

kahan ghayab ho ladki?