Monday, January 28, 2008

You're killing independent George!

I'm bored. I should be studying but I don't feel like it in the least. Hwaaaaaaaaa. I was reading older posts the other day... so much reminisching. Considering the number of things I'd forgotten, I was quite glad that I'd been bitten by the blogging bug. I wonder why I don't write enough these days. Has the number of interesting things gone down? Or h <interrupted by a ping from girl who had come down during backwaters, I can make friends!>ave I just changed the definition of interesting? So what's been happening in the past few days/weeks?

Well, for one, N got hooked up :D And not in the quietest of ways :D It's been the most unconventional hooking up I've seen so far :D And that's saying a lot :D Or okay, half of a lot :D I also got a PPO... which means that I have a backup option now... but I don't want to do fin consulting :'( And I want a new building to go back to, even if D has the awesomest bathrooms :D I want new people to go back to, I remember how I laughed at the new joinees when our internship was ending.. thinking 'Mwahahah, they don't know what they're in for!' I don't want to be that new joinee now!

Yest. N, Mad and I had a pretty *ahem* conversation going. And today she was talking about how she knew a Doberman who's tail had been cut (apparently to make it look fierce and apparently this is quite common!) called Cordless :D And another Brit family in her neighbourhood had a 3 legged dog called Tripod :D So then I told her about S' M's dog called Dostoevsky who was called Dost in short :D

<after a short break> Just finished watching this movie called 'Arranged'. It's about two girls, both orthodox, one Jewish and one Muslim... both of whom are getting married through an arranged marriage. Some parts of it are also about the 'liberators', the ones who're always urging you to 'break the rules'. It's nice when someone's being understanding and say stuff like that when they know where you're coming from. It becomes irritating when they think they know better than you and when they think whatever they're doing is superior to what you do and it shows in their tone. Just because you don't understand something, doesn't make it wrong nor does it give you the right to think your way is superior. Its like John Stuart Mill all over again, the English thinking the Indians needed to be civilized.

Hmm. What else? I'm off the wheat diet. I don't think it made much of a difference. Think it was the weather making the most trouble. I'd do anything for some chocolate cake right now :< And popcorn. Yes. I've been lusting for popcorn since more than a week. So... placements will start soon. I'm not getting any studying done. It's going to be a bloodbath. People are going to KILL for jobs. Wonder how it'll all end...

I've found some great websites over the past few weeks, the self-help kind, but much more practical and quite interesting. One of them is this amazing video site called It covers everything from - "How to give an energizing facial massage' to 'How to be the perfect girlfriend/boyfriend' (funny it is!) to 'How to seduce your boss'. <interruption - phone>. Then there's another site called Zen Habits.. and the whole Getting Things Done theory. His concept of writing to-do notes with contexts is amazing. And then of course, there's the first site I got hooked to, Good stuff! Funny how you can spend hours reading about how to be more productive :D

Ammy has started licking the mirror and walls. She's also learnt to say 'chacha', 'dada' and 'salaaming' people. She's crawling very fast and zips from room to room. I just hate it that I'm not there right now. Especially since crawling babies are my favouritest babies! But I guess in a month or a lil more, I'll be home. SHIT. That IS scary. Guess it's time I go now.

Take care y'all


mythalez said...

why u dont post so often these days? .. jus look at all the interruptions u got while writin this post :P

mythalez said...

and what does the title mean !!!

{a} said...

PPO!!! congrats!!

apps said...

How is it going BACK if it's a new building? If you go BACK to it, it means you've been there before and then it aint new.

Argentyne said...

:) doda, doesnt everyone get interrupted? I guess it's just noting them down that makes it obvious :)

A, thank you! :)

apps, going BACK from here, that's what I meant :P