Saturday, January 19, 2008

Playing tag

It's been so long since someone tagged me! Thank you DC! Yayy! All the people I've tagged better play too or you shall regrat it!

Te Ten things I miss in my life (in no particular order)

1. Sitting under open skies around plastic tables in the canteen at college. No, not the new one by the basketball court, the old one near the gate.

2. Long walks during chilly winters

3. Everything made of wheat/chocolate K

4. Mummybaba

5. Uncomplicated lives, a life where what strangers did didn’t matter to you

6. Ammmyyyyyyyyyy

7. Fun times with cousins

8. Exhilaration

9. Laughing and people who make me laugh

10. Internal sunshine

Te Ten things I want to achieve in a decade from now

1. A career that gives true job satisfaction

2. Maintaining the same waistline :D

3. Not sure if I can put in ‘achievables’, but a happy family life

4. Being a good muslim

5. Having a regular fitness schedule

6. Being disciplined and Getting Things Done.

7. That Masters degree if I find myself lost again

8. Having done something substantial in the ‘giving back to society’ category

9. Having parasailed/river-rafted/otherthingswhichmakemegowheeeeeee

10. Having and spreading internal sunshine

I tag


mythalez said...

"internal sunshine" !! I think I know precisely what u mean ... I miss that too :-<

Argentyne said...


Sudha said...

Hmm, now that I see I've been tagged, I shall 'play' pretty soon. =)

Sudha said...

Since I am utterly without regrat: