Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bloo blaa

I gave my "shadow project's" presentation yesterday and quite surprisingly, it went well! Gah, just got a mail from the manager saying there's a call scheduled from 8 pm to 9 tomorrow. Nooooooo. :( I'll come at 2 then! X-( These timings are terrible, the worst part about this job methinks. In spite of my cab-mates saying they're the best. And they're married that too. Crap.

I quite like my cab-mates even though they can be so belligerent towards new cab-sittees. Must've made bitchy comments about me also when I'd joined! All the guys (or a few of them at least) keep ribbing the others which is quite enjoyable in spite of the fact that they all lerve "The Angrez" and I overheard two of them talking about how there's some sitcom called Friends that their boss is crazy about but they don't enjoy it at all. And how (they think) the roles of the actors change every season. Anyone who knows me would probably make the same comment my cousin made when he heard about this: "You must've found it so hard to not interrupt". Yes!

Just 2 days and a week to go. Whatever is my final placement next year, I just hope that I'll look forward to going to office every morning! I finally finished a book I'd got from kpuri when I landed up there this weekend (thanks to the blasts). It's called 'The Ex-boyfriend's Handbook". Lovely read it is. Simple yet witty. And one character sounds exactly like Barney (from HIMYM) minus the brains. That would make him Joey I suppose :D And did you know that Barney is the grown up Doogie Howser, M.D? God, even the grin hasn't changed a bit.

I get so tired by the time I reach home that I haven't managed a single Prison Break episode since the last time I posted!

I complained so much about my haircut impossibility that Immu was quite grateful about her situation. The book I was reading belongs to M and I found quite an 'ahem' comment in it :D Haha. Lucky girl!

Ammy has now started 'aaaing' to anyone who will care to talk to her and is busy trying to put her fist into her mouth and licking at it. I wonder how long it'll take before she learns that her thumb can move away from her fingers :D

Okay, it's nearly 8. Tis time to go, my friend. Long, rocky cab ride awaits.


mythalez said...

now who is this Doogie howser?? yah I do knw the barney u talkin abt.

so .. soon u shall be back near the beach!!

Argentyne said...

Used to be a show on TV. Search for Doogie Howser, M.D.

Yes, I shall be! :)