Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I meant to blog in the morning when I got in. But my cheerful cabin mate got me started on work right away just before I and The Annoying were discussing which phone I should buy. Mails on the group have slowed down, but they were hilarious when they were on. Rn started a '55 word short story' thingie and of course Sat's are the best. Also got pretty morbid and really, really gross thanks to Trooney. Last week, K's informal meet with the juniors happened. I'm really, really pissed that most of them seem to be engineers. And work-ex people. Ugh. In spite of everything though, I was quite happy and seniorry. Felt good :)

I was in quite a nice, musing mood in the morning. One reason could be that I'd borrowed a Business World magazine from cab-mate Anand and the fact that I could understand everything (well, almost) made me really happy when I thought of how I used to skip business sections without even a glance. And something about mergers&acquisitions really makes me happy :D Quite silly, but I find it really interesting now. Specially with all the mergerstatting we need to do here.

Another reason was just looking at all the buildings in the Hitech area. I never knew there were so many! And I just love the architecture of some. Even on the way, when we come through Jhills and you pass all those huge villa type houses, I wonder about all the rich people living there (with grotesque looking nazar-bhagaing portaits on the gate). I love how the Cyber gateway looks. More so because I can see the huge slanting panes of the building from our break-out area... and whenever a plane passes by it's wiggly reflection looks exactly like a fish in blue pane waters. It's just so lovely. Hopefully, when I buy my new phone I'll capture that in a video.

She got paid too, on May 2nd. She hasn't done anything with the money yet, it's still lying in the bank. She wants to take her mother out - for good food, maybe a movie and some shopping. She wanted to buy gifts for everyone but she's wondering if that's possible with Fuster's crankiness. The sarcastic one will be joining K too. She's already getting into the mother hen mood :D

Little blister turns 2 months old today. Blister sent a really funny video of her and Mr. Blister yesterday. Looks like Ammy's going to turn out to be really, really smart mashallah. It's as if she can understand what they say to her, all the coochie cooings and she responds with grunts and 'aghoo's. It's going to be quite some time before I get my hands on her though :(

The muster's exams are going on. Such terrible course material that I'd have thrown it out of the window, the day I had to begin. And how the mother thinks things are complicated when they're not reminds me how I should be careful about that too. Faunty is going to the States on a Fulbright scholarship. Amazing.

I woke up the other day at 7 and found myself thinking 'This is not the kind of job I want to do'. I'm still thinking over that though. But I hate the idea of networking for the sake of networking and 'selling yourself'. But this is probably the only way this system works.

I haven't watched any movies lately except Kate & Leopold. Which was quite endearing in parts but had too many flaws. And don't we all just lerve gentlemen? :-* Am watching Prison Break now, after having exhausted all 'How I Met Your Mother' episodes. Barney is 'legen' wait-for-it.. 'dary'! Still think it isn't a patch on Friends.

Happy Singh came first in a presentation at her coll and was told 'You should join McKinsey, you've got a real flair'. And I was so happy for her. :)

I finally have some good work to do, but am too bored to do it right now. When, a little while ago, I was checking the profiles of my juniors on orkut, a voice suddenly said 'Orkut is not allowed in office'. I looked up from my PC to see Ash passing by the cubicle. Everytime I look at her place, she's always on orkut. So my instant reaction was 'Haha :D'. Considering how ze boss always pops up when I'm checking my mail, I'm glad it wasn't him. SK was once reading up on palmistry afterhours and found that ze boss had been standing behind him for some time :D. He's got an amaaaaaazing command over English though. If only he looked like our ooh-la-la MD :D

Okay, it's nearly 8. Time to wrap up things. And catch the cab. Or the CAB. (God knows when we'll come to that!)

PS: I made some really good friends with my fellow cab-mates. And nice jokes too :)


mythalez said...

hmm .. too many nicknames? well .. i got some 6-7 i think ..
congrats on the pay ... guess now u are capable of givin a treat :P
Prison break eh .. u see Lost too?

asiftherock said...

btw dont forget to get all the HIMYM & desp housewives to campus :)

Argentyne said...

Ah, sorry about that dodo. Sure, I can give a treat, but who'd treat insanely rich dodos? :P
na, I somehow don't like Lost :|

As If, I shall, I shall. But you'll have to get something in return!