Friday, February 23, 2007

Don't you just loooove Calvin?

And there's this series that I was reading while I was at home during the winter break. Mom was in the kitchen, baba in the bedroom and I'm in the hall between both and roaring away. :D Made baba call out to ask if I was all right :D I just looove this kind of pretend humour even though I burst out laughing halfway through my poker-face!

Yesterday, when chatting with M&D, mom pressed some button on the laptop that activated all the Arabic keys. And all kinds of Arabic gibberish started coming on my gtalk screen! It was so hilarious! Mom finally had to call me up to finish the conv.
(Like the Friends episode where Marcell turns all the TV programs into Spanish ones and in the end, all of them are speaking Spanish :D)

Reminded me of the newsreader scene in Bruce Almighty where Jim Carrey puts a spell on the newsreader and makes him speak Hebrew sounding gibberish :D When Blister and I'd gone to MPM once, we decided to speak the same way (with lots of guttural khs and aghs :D) and got some weird stares :D Must've thought we were Iranians. M and I also did that on our Anaimudi trip but burst out laughing every few mins. Sigh, I miss that kind of fun :)


mythalez said...

calvin rocks yeah!!

mythalez said...

these ones r really awesome .. :D

Argentyne said...

yuss he does. And that snow collection is amazing :D