Tuesday, February 27, 2007

So long, farewell, are we to say goodbye?

Neil and Rewind left last night. bizit left this evening. Suma left too :( Gave her goodbye hugs, watched her face turn red and cryie. And now she's at home and K-sick :( Hwaaa :( Who's going to make all the noise in our hostel now? No more passing conversations with Neil and Rewind that usually ended in giggly me :( No more bugging bizit and having random, nonsensical gtalk conversations interspersed with lots of :Ps. Who's going to give me gyaan whenever I ask?

With all of them, I've learnt that there was much more to learn only when it was too late. I just hope I don't have similar regrets the same time next year. And I think it's high time I've stopped being nitpicky.

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