Friday, February 23, 2007

and life goes on

(Waiting outside a class that I bunked, preparing for my group’s Indian Economy presentation on ‘Tax Reforms in India’, no less! )

Yesterday, we formally part(i)ed from our seniors at the Taj. Was nice - plush carpet, dim golden lighting … They played Euphoria’s ‘Ab na ja’ during the flash presentation. If it were my farewell, I think I’d have begun crying – keeping in mind the kajal of course. (PS: How the hell is one supposed to apply mascara? It feels like your eyelid’s been weighed down by a ton of icky black goo. Wiping it off made me look like a cancer patient, but I think I managed decently. (to wipe it off i.e., not my new non-existent tumor).

There were some things that kinda put me off, but overall it’s an event I’ll remember for a number of reasons … none of which I can disclose here :D The ride back home was uncomfortable, not physically, but because I was sitting between two people who’d just had a quarrel. Irony sure got a kick from everything that was happening. She’s mean! She makes people cry! Humph.

Why do people and relationships have to so complicated? I want a kitten! :'(

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