Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Quick update!

  • Parents leaving for home today, I get to meet them in a few days - yes!!
  • I get to goback to a real city!
  • Of course i'm going back home but a place that has pizza parlours!
  • Some new frandships made in the past few days, experience tells me I shouldn't be judging them so soon
  • Have weird bad feelings about mom and dad's journey ...
  • Night time road crossing - gigantic bus boring on me - me almost freezing - rushing back BACKWARDS - car stopping - me standing on other side ... I was so shaken, it took time for me to get back to normal. Why do these stupid bus drivers have to race like hell?
  • 6 exams in three days beginning tomowwow
  • Rn, pitti and Ru might make it here! (Reminds of big fights with muster and fuster, harrumph)
  • Going to stop at chennai on the way home - wonder how much of a pain that ll be
  • The people I have crushes on turn out to be such idiots! Not always, but so often!
  • How pseud is it to say 'I used to keep my emotions away from the world, wore a facade .. blah blah BLAH?!'
  • Political incorrectness ki bhi hadh hoti hai. You can't say stuff like 'With the restrictions you put on your clothing, what do you even shop for?' and expect that I'll ever forgive you. Especially when you don't even realize that I'm pissed. And then ask me why you think i've been ignoring you.
  • People are shouting at me to learn to become a bitch. Kya zamana hai.
  • I want to go back to living in a normal world where there are animals and kids and where I don't have to stop myself from behaving like ME
  • Speaking of animals, somewhere near the downer-hill hostels a she-dog (yes, I know) and her three pups were seen wandering. One got eaten apparently, by a fox! There are FOXES here! And I used to think they were there only in stories ...
  • This campus has many beautiful walks but i'm yet to see most of them. People have been asking me to get a life. Hopefully next term!!
  • Was told about runners' highs and all .. will I ever get there?
  • One of the cute puppies is called Boron .. named by the snish who calls annie a moron.
  • I am 'weird'. But still nice apparently.
  • I have two gigantic exams tomorrow - this is my break cause Annie put in too much effort and now needs to rilas.
  • I am happier. Even though i've been screwing up my tests by stupid mistakes! Why?!
  • People should very carefully evaluate if they want to do an MBA. Have had many second, third, fourth thoughts in the past few days.
  • Anyhoo, this is probably my last post before I leave. Happy holidays to me! And to any sad person reading this blog :D

Lots of lau

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mythalez said...

sad person reading this blog!! The person reading this blog is extremely happy .. thank u :P