Saturday, January 20, 2007

and life's good :)

The last few days have been good. First backwaters, with coming first in
Dumb Charades, not exactly a BSchool achievement :), but well.

Having agreat time with some Media Cell members, what with free falling and
ChicBake the day before and Guru with J yesterday. That made it three days
of consecutive chicken eating! Skin hasn't reacted much surprisingly, but
I've realized that my tummy's not used to eating so much and going to
sleep early. Loved the chicking burger though but mustn't get attached! Or
I'll become like my earlier Dmm self. Still surprised at what I've been
able to accomplish when it comes to the ff, considering so many people
chickened(talk about obsessions) out :) Yayy! Even if it ached like crazy
and my face was scrunched up. Come on! It's no mean feat! :D One tick off
the 'to do before I die'.

Also landed up at the beach when we went out for our MR project. Sat on
the Ferris wheel and a Tora tora type thing. Still wondering about sub and

The holidays were good, lots of weddings, lots of questions about weddings
(give me better duas!) and litle Emrican cousin screaming at makoda
'Chhul! Go howm! Go howm!' :D

Loved 'Shall We Dance' and rewatched Friends during free time. Rewatched
'Scent of a Woman' and the tango scene for the umpteenth time during unpacking. Something about dancing movies. :)

Loved Euphoria playing during Backwaters, it was worth it after all even
though might not be worth a second show.

Some good female bonding was made last night. Yeah yeah, cut out the bad jokes. The bonding took place over some good male bashing :D. Mwahaha.

That's it for now.



mythalez said...


no .. u shudnt copy-paste frm notebook .. screws up by breaking the lines as u can see ...

lotsa code words .. dd ff watnot!! :P

and yeah, arigato-udaimas :P

Argentyne said...

i didnt copy paste from notebook :( i 'd mailed the post.

Yes yes, some code words :D

and what's that again?

mythalez said...

that means .. good bye thankyou in japanese :P