Thursday, November 16, 2006

I miss me

I miss the thinking, reading me. I've become someone who prefers watching a braindead movie than reading. VB says this happens to everyone during second term.

I'm neither on the acads side (well i'm doing better than college which is good but then, this term?!) and i'm not on the fundae maarna side either. I'm lost :(

Feeling rather directionless. And worried. And so many things to get stressed about!

Sigh. I miss me. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
I want me back :(

PS: Saw a fullllllll rainbow today
PS2: Went to the PR here ;) with sug. Nice it was.
PS3: reading golden gate, loved it at first, boring now. He must have to restrict himself so much
PS4: Why have i caught this dreadful habit?
PS5: Why don't i capitalize my is?


mythalez said...

Its ok .. u shall find your way.
"You shall know our velocity" :)

ps: i know that :P
ps2: where is ps1? :P ..
ps3: is that a novel? i thought it was a bridge :P
ps4: which habit? ps habit? its infectious maybe
ps5: maybe coz u dont want to emphasize urself?

mythalez said...

and yeah .. loved the new name :)
much more classier than cc or reporter or watever else blah u used to have :P

Argentyne said...

hehe, it's a novel written only in poetry by VS.

like the new name aa? Still have to change my template, it's like an obsession! Did you get the meaning behind the name?

mythalez said...

nah .. is there a meaning behind the name?
it reminds me of that song 'argentina' :D