Thursday, November 02, 2006

more bwaness

Reading other people's blogs morning morning. Thought I must too leave some thoughts behind. Got summer placed the other day, back to Hyd.! (Note that I never say Hyd., I just write it. And it's definitely NOT HIDE! Ugh!)

The neighbour (on the right, not the couple on the left that keeps smoking and girl singing high pitched Alisha songs last night) and I realized we must be the only two souls who were not going anywhere to salibrate, so latched on to some other friends (who in retrospect should have called me!) and went out to eat. Cold became progressively worse so that when my icecream came (yeah, I know), I couldn't taste anyTHIG. AD ALL. All I knew was that I was tasting cold goo. Trying out strawberry from neighbour just proved the point, I knew that the consistency was different but couldn't say anything about the taste! That line about taste coming through smell must be true. (Oh, I know that doesn't make much sense.) Latching on I has never liked, but, well.

PB and I has had many fights but doing well what with conversations centred around beige-ness. Not to mention a certain brew. Old urges to decorate blog are coming back. MUST control. Mentions of hostel picnic, not very excited. VB provides new frandship. A very strange one though, I must add.

All else is good. Cold going down. Blister's lost somewhere in the land of apple trees and seagulls. How pretty I make it sound. The winter must be killing her.
The mother and father have been watching movies! And Harry Potter! Talk about perpendicularly raised eyebrows. Muster keeps mentioning souffles. Give me dal chawal! Correction: khatti dal chawal.

How 'cOoL' it'll be if I'll be working at RPZ! Much ado made about summer salary last night.

Adios frendzas,
and my new distorted phrase: 'Haza phoon!'

Oh and did I tell you, two people love self-made expression 'bwa'. Must patent it?


Anonymous said...

I forgot wat haza phoon meant .. and cant seem to figure it out now .. ur phrases r gettin complicated by the day .. soon u can start a new language :P

The Reporter said...

yessum :D