Saturday, October 21, 2006


I missed Baba's story today. The Urdu piece he'd read out to me from a book. About dogs . So hilarious it was ... and such a painful ending! And how I willed myself to not cry (you can win) and thought that a tear had escaped down baba's face.

Searched for the VS poetry page I'd found on orkut long, long ago.

raat yuun dil main terii khoii huuii yaad aaii
jaise viraane men chupke se bahaar aa jaae
jaise sahraaon main haule se chale baad-e-nasiim
jaise biimaar ko bevajah qaraar aa jaae

This is by Ahmed Faiz though. God, how I wish I knew more Urdu.

how beautiful it is, when waking,
to find one's lover at one's side;
the delicate slow light is breaking
irresolutely through the wide
bay windows of their bedroom, falling
on liz's hair, and john's recalling
how last night she untied it, how
it flowed between his hands; but now
she lies asleep, unswiftly breathing;
her thoughts are not with him, her dreams
traverse the solitary streams
of inward lands, yet her hair, wreathing
the pillow in a mesh of light,
returns to him the fugitive night.


will be easy company; the blur
Of what I longed for once will fade to space.
No thought that could discomfort you will stir.
My eyes will painlessly survey your face.

I miss being able to write. I'm finding myself wracking my brains for the right word and still not succeeding. Maybe it's the whole 'giving up too easily' thing. Hit and bingo! The net's made too many things, too easy.

I wonder when I made the conscious decision to stop using flowery language. But that shouldn't kill the writer, would it?

And talking to people who're better than you on the vocab. level is quite an enjoyable challenge. Maybe that's the way to get back to old times.

And it's diwali. And might be eid tomorrow.
Away from home, away from home
away from home, away from home ...
A hundred miles away from home ..
Away from home!


Everyone's all dressed up. I never was there for Diwali celebs. back at collez.
Let's hope the food's worthwhile. Note how I use collez to refer to ... well, collez.
This is not collez. This is weird place.
I go now.
Fare thee well.


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