Saturday, September 16, 2006

Notes to Myself

Well, it seems like I’m not going to be able to change my template, the net’s slow and I need some time. Maybe will do it once I get back to K. Boo hoo!

Back to the place of my childhood, across the Arabian Sea from you guys! Okay, most of you guys. And you know what I miss the most? Celing fans! There are no ceiling fans here, in this house actually. So I lay on the bed and looked up and there was nothing, no whirring, nothing going round and round. It’s the whirring I miss most actually. I cannot sleep/eat/read/stay alive without knowing that there’s a loud whirring in the background and it is the source of the breeze around me. Like I once tried explaining to a friend, (who was as puzzled as ever at the end), you know how it is comforting to hear the buzz of a generator in the next building when the power at your tin-covered shed of a class has gone? Somewhere at least, someone is sitting in comfort and a breeze! So I told dad that I couldn’t fall asleep, I could see no roundandrounding and I could hear no whirrandwhirring. And he just laughed and went to sleep! I tossed and turned and went to bed an hour later. I’ve driven many people mad with this habit of mine, turning the fan on to full speed, just for the sound when it s chilly and earning the wrath of many… oh well.

Came by direct flight from Calicut. Gelf crazy people they are, no direct flight to the capital of the country, but direct flights to a hardly known city across the sea! Well, demand and supply you know. (Tries desperately to use MBA jargon but fails. Inserts leverage and logistics for better results. Got so sick of those two words, man!) Flight full of mallus and screening a mallu movie! Seemed like a rather dumb comedy. I fell asleep reading a rather dull Ken Follett.

Cannot imagine getting back to college and facing a term that’s going to be hecticer than this one! There were some nice things though, like how the OB (organizational behaviour) professor replies to many questions with a slow ‘ Could be, need not be’ .. and it became a standard line when anyone asked a question. Someone even made up a whole story, where the entire faculty is sitting together and our quant prof. says in his habitual way, ‘Am I right’ and OB prof. says ‘Could be, need not be’ to which the marketing prof. (markit sag-man-tation and panitration) waves his hands about and says ‘Whaat is the praablem?’ And our famous IT papers that have fill in the blanks like so: The three types of _____ are ________, _______ and ________. :D Our first quant prof. was quite an eccentric who made the weirdest jokes. Once he got quite frustrated with the class for not framing the problem correctly and remarked ‘Have you come here through CAT ... or cow?’ :D

The sunrise is to-die-for, but as I’ve been telling people, what’s the use of breathtaking views around you, if you don’t have the time to appreciate them? You might as well have them as wallpapers on your laptop! At least that gets some eyeballs (more marketing lingo: please notice). About my exams … I shall not talk about them. That’s as much talking I could do about them!

Yesterday, went to the campus mosque for Friday prayers. What serenity! I think it has lots to do with the smell of ‘ood’ wafting through the hall. Pity there aren’t many mosques in India that have facilities for women.

Allrighty then, hope to return again soon. Many thanks to those 5-6 visitors that still trickled in everyday!



shub said...

well I'll be damned!! is it really you or summun else posting as you?!

blizter said...

hi-lo sister, yaaaaas, u got that right. nothing like being curled up under a warm blanket and falling asleep to the sound of whir-whirring of ze fan, and mmmmmmmmmmmmming of ze ayer-condisioner. the smell of oud and lobaan...... nothing in the world compares to it...heavenly! gooz to zee you pozt sumzing!

Anonymous said...

I can so so empathize with tht fan stuff .. aaah!!