Wednesday, August 17, 2005

After-birthday thoughts

I am so glad my birthday is done and over with. It was one of the most depressing days in quite a long time. And that was NOT because I had any expectations. I got to cut a delicious cake at college and the biggest cake I've ever seen, at home, though that was because there was another stupid dawat at home. (I find such parties infinitely depressing). I got flowers, a book, chocolates, lovely clothes, jewellery and last, but definitely not the least, some of the most heartwarming words ever.

I would like to take this opportunity (yes 'P, i'm copying you :D) to thank all my friends, (even though half of them don't read my blog :D) and apologize for being so dull on my birthday. That reminds me, thanks to Aruna too ... I'd never have thought a plop of icing on the ground could generate meaningless and exasperatingly hilarious conversation that seemed to go on and on ... and ON! Thank you all for being there and for all the fun we have. I lau you all! Muah :D

And all the people, at my coffee table :D, thank you for the comments/mails/phone calls. Its been more than a year since I started blogging, its been quite an experience. Lots of lau to you all too.

Lots of lau to Blister too and apologies for not accepting her gipt with greater joy. You are ze best and you dizerve a better sister :|

I must say though, my b'day ended on a quite a happy and satisfying note because of all the hadith and spiritually uplifting stories I heard. Will post one the next time.

Alhamdulillah, it was a peaceful year for me, though not for the world. Hoping for a better year ahead ...

To anyone I missed out, sorry and thank you! :)


playboi said...

even i wasnt that happy that day, so, sorry if i made it worse (the reasons u know).
and yeah aruna made the day :D

burf said...

u missed out on thanking me for wishing u in ur last post ... boooooooo hoooooooo


manuscrypts said...

hey oldie... belated happy birthday :)

Sudha said...

You are SOOO not forgiven for forgetting to thank me in your post.


Will try to call you soon. Be prepared. It's so sad that our Wednesday plan didn't work out, didn't it? I would've liked to have had an 'Intolerable Cruelty' repeat...remember that horrible 'asthma' joke? : D

oozing bleezter said...

CCee, mee still mad at youeee. you are zee vorst (or doo u call it best) party-pooper zer izz.on ur assee u need keeck.u sure know how too dampen fizz.

The Reporter said...

Sorry for the long absence people :-s

playboi, forgiven ;)

manu, thank you :)

sudha, Why should I thank you? I see no reason to :D ;) Yeah, we should do that osmetime, stupid CAT! No, :-s, dont remember joke :-s

oozing blister (ugh!), varry sorry ma. Weel make it up to you :|

Anonymous said...

Hi baby,
Apology accepted. Please try not to be dull (in all senses of the word) on other days too. Muah muah. Meow meow. Bow wow.

Your friends who don't read your blog.

Anonymous said...

You dint thank me also. This is so unfair.

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