Friday, August 12, 2005


Boo hoo! I dont want to grow old! :'(


shub said...

its jus the start beti....have a blast!!! >:D<
happy birthday!

PlayBoi said...

yeah u dont wnat to grow old, but i think u want to grow tall :p
happy bday

Dreamcatcher said...

hmm seems to happen to me too..birthdays are somehow so weird.
welcome to the twenties.

Handa said...

why cant ppl say the good ol happy bday for a change... well... atleast i will... happy bday.

burf said...

if it was ur b'day -

happy bday


Sudha said...

Old!! At twenty??

Geez, that means I've been old for a whole year and a half without knowing it...

So,I humbly forward this correction-- twenty is NOT old, dammit!

Anyway,hope you had fun on your day
: )

Anonymous said...

yup :) i turned twenty three weeks back, and i feel terribly terribly old and grown up and everything.

Happy birthday !


Anonymous said...

u r *just* twenty years old ? :-D

And talking abt old right now !! wait beta, wait !! wait till you are 28 and see how it feels ! X-(

happy birthday anyway !! :-)

- SJ

The Reporter said...

shubza, thangyu! :) >:D<

playboi, shuddup and thanks :P

dc, same pinch :D and thank you for the welcome :D

handa, context toh pata karo pehle :P, thanks :)

sudha, :D You're SO old! :D :P Yeah, I suppose I did have fun :)

Melon, you too eh? :) Thank you and belated Happy budday :)

SJ, whoa, 28!! That's a scary number :D and what happened to your blog? Howz married life treating you? :D

TheDQ said...

Belated Happy Birthday :-)