Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Things are more or less in control right now. And there certainly is a lot
of goodness in people. If YOU are reading this, like I said before, thank
you very very much.

Realized I have a LOT of work to do and hopefully will do it right. It
simplifies things majorly if you look at it from different perspectives
and i'm so glad for that.

Got to read the paper thoroughly after a long time, I really cant manage
with the e-versions. Two pieces of news that caught my attention ,the West
is trying to divide Ukraine now and AIDS is rapidly growing in districts
near the highways in Karnataka. Sad.

That's all that's happening in moi life right now, when did I think I
would be glad if life remained static?

Coolcat isn't that cool right now, she'll have to buck up and get her work
Miaows and peace,


arvindiyer said...

I hate Winters...for this precise reason...Anyways.take care and get back to ur Meowing spirits again:) Peace

Srini said...

God bless and right said about life :) changes (hopefully good ones!) keep it exciting !

The Reporter said...

Arvind and Srini, many thanks :)

manuscrypts said...

bangalore's night life is spreading... and btw, the cool ones never lose touch..hehe

Minniehaha said...

Chin up girl! And by the way - what you did with the shopping?...its known as "Retail Therapy" known to be the best cure for blues of any kind.

Bhim said...

Cool new look!
Keep blogging catty!

khandu said...

hey your blog now loads fine even on sun machines! cool change.

The Reporter said...

Whatchu saying Manu? :-/

Freyja, thanks :).. for the info too! :)

Sir Arthur, many thanks!

Khandu, thanks :), but its not working fine on ie and im too sick of it to change it :(