Saturday, November 27, 2004

The time has come, the Walrus said,
To talk of many things:
Of shoes and ships and sealing wax.
Of cabbages and kings.
And why the sea is boiling hot.
And whether pigs have wings..

The past few days havent been normal. There were ups and downs and ups and downs.

The seven of us met after a long time and there were interesting revelations.

Unlike X and Y, I do not think that 'all guys are bastards', there are quite a few things I admire about guys, their sense of humour, their unity, their practical sense and usually, their straight-forwardness ( there was a time when I used to think that guys dont spite people unless they've been manipulated by women, but later I realized guys can be malicious and calculating too, as much as women!) One thing I learnt after coming here is that guys gossip A LOT, probably more than girls do and absolutely love magnifying things so if a girl stood outside the boys hostel to give a package to someone there, the next day you'll hear that she was in his room all day!

I am digressing though, what I wanted to talk about was guys' sense of humour.

There are certain people I know whose SoH I much admired. Their play on words is hilarious and their life revolves around making fun of people's idiosycnrasies. The other day we were having a cool conversation when the topic turned to Southpark, apparently a cartoon that features gay people and other such things.

I knew guys were obsessed with gay jokes and it was alright, what surprised me was when people who I thought made more sophisticated jokes, started talking about a particular episode of this cartoon where some guy invents a new way of eating food which is shoving food up his arse and then vomitting shit. This guy then goes on to win the Nobel prize, however 'doctors inform the people that the normal way of eating is healthier'. THIS, this was the subject of conversation for around ten minutes. Rn, Pitti, Kir and I were just staring at each other while the rest were holding their stomachs and laughing. I won't even talk about some other episode about farting and spontaneous combustion or something.

What is it with guys and bathroom humour?? They can go on and on about uploading and downloading and you should NEVER start about farting. Looks like underneath that thin veneer of sophistication, all guys love laughing about the same shitty( silly pun intended) things. I think I should withdraw my application to the fan club.


arvindiyer said...

Hmmmm...well it's a known fact that Guys enjoy bathroom jokes a lot...but bout all guys being bastards...WELL SORRY TO SAY>>>NOT TRUE...guess the ones u have met till now are the ones..and u still HAVEN"T SEEN THEM ALL:)
@ Mythalez...tch tch tch...GOR KALYUG

manuscrypts said...

think u r right abt the 'bathroom humour' bit.. simply loved "there's something abt mary", remember that one??.. hehe

Tipsy Topsy said...

Hooohoooohooooo..just what I needed at the end of (another) tiring day..thanks for the laughs..! *hug*

The Reporter said...

arvind, ahan, too bad i realized that only now ... and the bastards thing, i mentioned clearly that i did not think so :)

manu, havent seen it :(

TT, wow that's a great compliment :), and thank you :) . Hope you're feeling better now :)

Srini said...

This will always remain a mystery to me - how can intelligent and cultured people crack jokes about farting n related stuff jus like that in public? Same so-called jokes go on in most American comedy movies...very disgusting and not decent.But, a lot of people enjoy it and so I guess ppl dont mind saying n laughing to these.Btw, do the guys talk abt such jokes with girls to make em laugh or is it among themselves only?