Saturday, November 27, 2004

This and that

Things are kinda maddening right now and I have no idea what to do.

I used to think that that Sis was better than me in almost everything except stability yet I never realized that she was much wiser than I thought her to be. Yesterday I had to speak to her and in a comforting voice she said 'Be patient and everything will work out, whatever you want ask God and don't lose hope. Whatever happens, happens for the best and I'll talk to you again tomorrow'. In a minute she had succeeded in doing what my mom hadnt been able to do for fifteen minutes, of course mom was more directly concerned but still. Love you, sis, so much.

Dear God, please take care of me.

I went shopping two days ago to this supermarket not very far from college. I ended up spending three hundred bucks only on lovely smelling chemicals.

What I bought :
Lux International( yes, I know it sounds dumb) body wash with orange peel extracts (smelt awesome)
Garnier Ultra Doux conditioner with green apple and lime blossom
Fa's Purple Rain (another heavenly smell)
Vaseline in a cute new box, probably to avoid 'imitation of label graphics'
Himalaya Protein Shampoo ( Buy one, get one free)

Though I felt slightly guilty of having spent this much in one go, I figured its going to last till a year anyway so big deal :D. Was so ecstatic after buying all of this, forcing Rn to look at me with raised eyebrows. What IS it with shopping and women? I so badly wanted to have a bath just so I could use all of them but i'd had a bath just before going out and it was too late in the night to take a bath so had to console myself with taking it the next day.

Spent nearly an hour and a half and everything was really awesome :D. And then I was Ultra Doux'ed ( ever heard of this constituent mentioned at the back of the bottle, aqua?) and Lux'd ( your bathroom will momentarily smell like Britannia Orange Cream biscuits)(also, do guys use loofahs?) and you'll figure out why there's one bottle free with the Himalaya shampoo, each bottle is slightly more than half full! Cheats!!

All said and done, though there's nothing like shopping to make you feel better, for economic reasons, next time I'll go shopping only when I have a cold.


Handa said...

"do guys use loofahs?" well... i dont
i dont even know what is a loofah.. elaborate please.

Handa said...

no need... found out what a loofah is.... cmon... who has got tht much time while taking a bath :P

Dreamcatcher said...

I so agree wid u, shopping does make u feel soo much better, must be in the genes or something.
Kinda feel good now n regret later..

The Reporter said...

Handa, glad you got it :P. You take baths so rarely, no one would expect you to use a loofah! :P

Teq, yeah i know .. :) .. its not always something you regret ;)

Dreamcatcher said...

You sed it CC ..he questioned me for ages on what a loofah is and thn concludes that its stupid.
And u hit the nail on the head, he himself admits that he has to be blackmailed into taking baths.
As for shopping well its a kind of therapy sometimes just walking around those departmental stores with all those shiny things can be such a rejuvenating experience..iam sure u know wht i mean.