Monday, December 06, 2004

Finally got my nice furry furry warm blanket to college, had to lug it all the way from the gate and that was quite maddening. I had a bag slung on my shoulder which had a keyboard in it and a frying pan (we're pooking in rn's room :D) that just had to keep sliding off my shoulder and i had to hold the blanket with both hands, more like hugging it. I was so tempted to put it up on my head and let my hands go free, but then thought better of it, there were quite a few people around.

Right now on the third floor of our hostel, i can hear a dozen or more voices shouting 'Happy Birthday to you!' in a tone which sounds like they're jumping and gasping for breath.

Just a little while ago at midnight, they were having a countdown. Humph, I want a birthday too, I want cake! (Lines from DCH 'Hum cake ke liye kahin bhi jaa sakte hain' :( )

Watched Catch Me If You Can , my first Movie club movie. To call the crowd enthusiastic would be an understatement. They were laughing *loudly* before anything funny even took place and at a point when the movie got stalled, they started drumming their fists on the tables, 200 people doing that is chaos. Later however, they quietened down and the movie was quite nice.

Came back and watched Veer Zaara, highly mediocre. Shah Rukh of course, outdoes himself in being Shah Rukh. Preity is boring. Rani is all teary-eyed. Phah.

I am bored. Bhery bored. I am supposed to work right now but don't feel like in the least :( .

There was a very cute baby on the bus by which I was going home today morning. She wasnt a baby exactly, was I guess around 2 years old. She kept looking at me strangely and refused to take the bus ticket i offered her. Then she started singing some weird song in baby language. (Reminds me of this book I read , Adrian Mole- the wilderness years, some kids he knows speak a language called oomba-goomba).

Okay, I have nothing more to say. About my template, Pitti thinks the boy isn't cute, but I think he'll atleast make me smile, what say ? :)



manuscrypts said...

all girls want cute boys.. more's the pity!! ;)

Srini said...

The new template is easy on the eyes :)

The boy is cute and he makes me smile :)

Hows ur Oomba Goomba teaching class going on? hehe

shodZ said...

how can u not be bored after watching veer Zaara??? thats no trivia question

The Reporter said...

lol @ manuscrypts .. and .. are you cute? :D

Srini, dhangoo bhery much. Yayy, that is the purpose of the boi, to make people smile(stealing from shub here). Oomba goomba is fine, thank you :P

Shodz, hi :). Hehe, yeah guess so, though i'd watched the movie a day before i made the post :) , maybe the effect carried over ;)