Saturday, November 06, 2004


Kehne do ji .. kehta rahe :D !
My exams are done!! And sadly though another semester has gone past .. and only three left to go ..
but for the time being, NO MORE STUDYING!! Yayy! :D

So me going home today evening and probably wont be back till the 16th. No blogging till then too ... will miss you all :) .. there'll be so much to read when I get back!

I shall have fun inshallah! Dad promised to teach me driving :D.
Whooooooooooo. Okay, now I shall stop gloating, poor Pitti and Rn still have exams left.(But i'm so happy! :D)

Okkay bye,
Asta la vista bebbe!


manuscrypts said...

enzoy... and dont drive ur dad crazy! :)

Bhim said...

Happy Diwali & Eid Mubarak!

The Reporter said...

Manuscrypts, I think I did, my sis and I rather :), details in the next post ;)

The Reporter said...

Vardan, thanks a lot :). Cool anagram!