Friday, November 05, 2004

I'm bad with titles

Ah, so I am in a much better mood now. Not that the situation(s) has/have changed.
But still you know,
sochna kya,
jo bhi hoga dekha jayega ...

I have done my bit of prolog. Hopefully this bit shall match with the bit that will come tomorrow. Lisp is still left. (Lisp is a programming language for the unfortunate, fortunate rather). Anyway, I shall be writing about something that may seem trivial to you souls, but I think it is a matter of deep contemplation.

Did you ever realize that from you, me, that guy/girl living next door, your best friend, that handsome hunk, that awesome looking girl, Aishwarya Rai, Shah Rukh Khan, Azim Premji, he Sultan of Brunei, Tony Blair(there's no such thing as a perfect joke ... except for Tony Blair), Margaret Thatcher, Sonia Gandhi, Liv Tyler, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, George Bush and of course everybody(which is rather trivial) .. ALL have to spend time in their bathrooms shitting!

Sounds rather stupid I suppose :D, well but still, do you realize no matter how rich or poor you are, no matter that people are always ready to kiss your ass, no matter that wherever you go red carpets are laid out, no matter that you can sleep on a bed of money, no matter that people die to get a glimpse of you, no matter that countries tremble at the mention of your name, no matter that people's lives depend on your word, that is one job that you might wish to outsource(!) but you could never do it.

Your bathroom might barely hold you, it might be as big as your bedroom, it might be as big as people's houses, it might be as big as a palace, but there's nobody who can help you in there, nobody you could pay or bribe to do that job for you. The most you could do was get a pipe attached, but would you?

I suppose you could use the same analogy for death but what do I say, this struck me first and where I was is anybody's guess :D


Tipsy Topsy said...

PooPoo Pondering: how's that for a title? ;)
Ur seat of enlightenment is of course leading to great thinking!
(did i use the correct commenting system?)

Suhail Kassim said...

... whereas Prince Siddhartha received enlightenment and became the Buddha under the banyan tree ... or was it the peepal tree?

Hm. Lightning and knowledge DO strike in strange places !!

manuscrypts said...

profound, i say..hehe.. btw, are u serious abt haloscan swallowing comments??

The Reporter said...

TT, lol. Yeah Poopoo pondering or 'A Shitty Post' :-S.

Suhail, thass true, i have found nirvana. Take off your spectacles and see the halo behind my head! :D

Manuscrypts, *bows* thank you, thank you :). Yup, it is bhery much true. Haloscan is a thief!