Thursday, November 04, 2004

Notes to myself

Life can get so trying sometimes.
I go to the library in a fine mood and then halfway through realize that I screwed up my crypto exam much than I thought. I wonder what I was thinking while studying for the exam and that is after reading the same pages twice.

I feel so sick and bored then, couldnt get any more crypto into my head right then,wandered outside, hoped there'd be someone to talk to but there wasnt. Got back inside, forced myself to study. Even read a Wodehouse for a few minutes just to make that mood quit bothering me.

I come back and then I hear Bush f***ing won. Had had that feeling all along. What surprised me was two people around me saying 'Of course he should have won, who else?'

I'd been reading the Hindu for quite some time and anybody following that or the events anyway would logically not support bush i'd thought. I was really surprised.

'But why Bush??' I asked. Of course there's that outsourcing thing too but i'd have thought the danger to humanity weighed much more. "because he's against terrorism' said someone and the other said 'Your Osama wants Bush to win only .. so what's wrong?'

'MY Osama?' I dont bluddy support the things he does and neither should there be war waged on a country because of the lack of weapons for god's sake! Didnt they see the Abu Ghraib pictures? Didnt they hear about so many civillian deaths? Didnt they hear the appeals of women being humiliated in prison at the hands of their captors? Didnt they hear that
whatever material for weapons had been there,had disappeared? Couldnt they see it was all for oil? They hunted for someone who had supported their own cause in Afghanistan and found him. Was finding him worth so many people's lives? Didnt they only disrupt the peace of the Iraqis instead of restoring it? What if that was us? Now that he's back for a second term,he'd act for the people of America and decide which country to target next, just like another video game.

This came with other tumultous news. Okay, so rock my boat. The local and the global, everything has to go to pieces. Every few nights I find myself trying to cry myself to sleep.

Till yesterday it was because my sleeping pattern was so screwed up and yesterday it was too many things.

I calmed down later. Things can be weird. Life will definitely become weird. Why, I think why?? For a reason. Which is? I have absolutely no idea.

'Are you okay?' I am, for the time-being. Everything, in its time. Let's be brave.


manuscrypts said...

why this one, i say!! isnt the halo better??

mythalez said...

Hey, light theesko ... :)
i guess crypto is doing more damage to ur brain than i thought. :P
Btw, i dont like commentin here :(

Surinder said...

hey .. calm down girl .. sound so tensed .. not good in exam time :)

u think cos ur a good human :)

and another thing .. if u want people to comment on this .. at least make the process simpler :) ... use the code i use on my blog ;)

take care .. and all the best for next exam :)

The Reporter said...

Manu, wrote the answer in the latest post's haloscan comment box :).

Dodo, yeah.. guess there's nothing else I can do :). Yeah Crypto IS responsible, day after tomorrow or tomorrow techincally( :(( ).

Surdie, thanks a lot. For everything :). Yeah, I better study :).

Suhail Kassim said...

Yeah, Bush won :((((
What other tumultuous news?