Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Hello people,
Har war you?

My head is pounding. Four hours of sleep after a stupid open book and closed book exam. Shatru didnt screw us as badly as we'd expected though. But that age old wish for time management remains. If I psyche myself into thinking, I have only half the available time then I do fine enough but 90% of the time ... where does all the time go??

Anyway, two days holidays, two more exams to go and then i'll be howwwwwmmmm :D. Baba's coming on 4th :D :D . He says he'll come and stay in my room for an hour everyday till my exams get over. I told him not to bother i'd be home in two days. Yes! Only two exams left! Everybody has more than two, most people at least, but then i've taken very light courses .

Okay, now I should start studying for the next exam(s)(only two!) .

Boy boy,


Bhim said...

Best o Luck.

Suhail Kassim said...

All the best :)
For the exams and the hols :)

The Reporter said...

Thank you Vardan and Suhail :). Thanks for following the instructions too :)