Thursday, November 18, 2004


Had a nice time at home these hols. An asylum for sane people :D.
Ate a lot, slept a lot totally summarizes them.

Hounded dad, sis and I calling him with all possible words that could pass for dad, baba, baba ji , abbu zaan and two that i find very dumb and funny, pappa and pappa jaani. At one point of time it had gone so far, i told dad that he must be tired of us rushing to him whenever he got home from outside and calling out his name to which he replied 'Yehi sunne ke liye main aata hoon na' and sis and I grinned and got back to it without further ado.

Another day, mom and dad came to spend some time in our room upstairs and they found it very peaceful compared to their bedroom whose window opens out to the street and every footstep outside sounds like someone's walked right into your house. So dad said that they would sleep upstairs and we should sleep downstairs. Sis and I shook our heads. Then dad said 'Achcha aisa karte hain ki tum log hamare mummy baba ban jao eid tak, roz subah sehri ke liye utha dena, we'll also take our time to come down' and we started laughing. Then sis was like 'Oh this way, we get to shout at you if you dont listen and since mom is the super cleaner we'll scold her into cleaning our room' , poor mom was too tired to reply. After some
more conjecture they took off downstairs and rang the bell as usual at sehri.

Its so irritating to have a bell to wake you up or call you downstairs. So impersonal, so i'll-smash-you-into-pieces. If the bell hadnt been there, you could be subjected to some laad
before being woken up, but bah! now they keep ringing the bell till you stomp downstairs. So bluddy maddening. But since I realized that I can get quite maddening myself I didnt say anything otherwise the sky would have come crashing down, courtesy mom and sis.

Eid was also nice and the eidi was even better! :D Spent a wee bit yesterday at Brew, had a great time. Bought a skirt a day before eid, it isnt looking good :(. I shall exchange it and get another one, hopefully soon. I think i'm turning into a shopaholic.

Dad said learning to drive the Kinetic at home was a prerequisite to car driving so that I dont end up like my mom who learnt car driving but continued to drive the car like people checking out their first car racing game on the comp. Poor mom. So we went one day to a ground nearby, dad thought he'd have to start from balancing and stuff but Rn had taught
me quite a bit and somehow since I was feeling rather confident, I took rounds easily and breezily.

Then dad asked me to make eights, which he said I was doing better than him after some time. I also fell off it once, rather the kinetic fell and I got off :D. Pulled a few muscles. We decided to try it out on the road the next day.

The next day I realized my whole left side was aching. The thing is when you're trying to make a turn and your left hand is on the inside, you feel such a lack of control on your left. You cant accelerate using the left hand so I was stiffening it pretty badly while the right hand tried to accelerate correctly. When I tried to explain this to dad, that I wanted some kind of control on the left side also, he looked at me like I was talking absolute crap but said 'Uhhh .. dont worry .. aajayega thode din mein' :D. Well atleast he didnt call me bewakoof like he did two years ago when he was trying to do the same job :D. Then I was seriously quite pathetic.

So we went the day after that and since I was feeling a little less confident all of a sudden, dad made me do more rounds of the ground then I drove it up and down a galli and then took it up the slope to our house. Yayy! I did it! (Though I veered dangerously at one point of time and scared a guy who was watching pretty much :D).

Dad is still here for a coupla days more so will probably go home again tomorrow. Hope this time I manage some serious driving.


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