Friday, October 15, 2004

Yayyy :D

Saw the ramadhan crescent!! Was so disappointed when I couldnt see it even
after waiting for so long on the college terrace, just as I was leaving I
spotted a teenie weenie sliver of a moon. Made a little dua, came back to
my room and called up sis. Apparently they havent seen it yet because
there are too many clouds in the sky. Hope I havent imagined one.
May this Ramadhan go well ... inshallah.


The other day Pitti came to my room while I was sitting in front of the
comp and browsing generally. Probably had some blogs open, she came up and
putting her hand around me said 'Come my dear, lets go buy you a life' :D

Today being extremely sleepy in spite of sleeping through Crypto, I was
stretched out on the bed almost asleep when she passed by. 'Let's cover
you with this blanket' she said and I was too sleepy to protest. Taking
up the blanket, she took it all over uptil my neck and then covered my
face too. Then she said very quietly,'I am sorry but she is no more' .

Its still making me laugh.

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