Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Eeeeee Theeeee phowwwn howwwm

Pitti kept asking Rn and I to watch this movie 'It is So cute! You HAVE to watch Drew Barrymore!' and so we watched it last night. It did live up to her comments. E.T. by himself (itself?) was pretty funny too. There's a scene where it goes and opens up the fridge and proceeds to drink up a few bottles from the fridge. Rn and I couldnt figure out initially as to why E.T. kept banging into everything in sight and falling, then we realized it was drunk!

Because of some kind of weird connection between E.T. and the boy who finds him, Elliot, the boy starts acting drunk too while in class and kisses a taller girl by standing on another boy's back :D. Drew Barrymore is such an imp! Dressed up E.T. looks hilarious, walking around in a blue shirt and another time when DB dresses him up as her doll.

Towards the ending,the movie was pretty 'senti' and rn kept asking me 'You arent crying? You arent? Look at me, look at me!' Ass. (My friend retorts to this hardly abusive word by saying 'Dont call people by their appendages' :D). After the movie ended Rn and I kept shouting 'Eeeee Theeee phowwn howwm', hence the title. They did use that dialogue a lot.

Watched Madhoshi in hindi mode after that ( watching a three hour hindi movie in half an hour ). Watched the ending first, read a few reviews and then watched some parts of the rest. Its okay but the ending is SO screwed up!

We now have Mr. and Mrs. Buffala in place of Mr. and Mrs.Coder . Who next Rn? :D

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