Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Notes to myself

I have an exam tomorrow and I dont know how i've prepared. i know that most of the portion is covered, yet how well i've done it, i'll come to know tomorrow. Still hope to give things their required cursory glance (there's an urdu word called sarsari which means the same thing, once when someone was reading it aloud, i thought there'd been a mix-up between urdu and english) after sehri inshallah. My mind is refusing to accept any input, all the while I was studying I had to coax myself to let it in and clear up other things clogging up my minuscule brainspace.

Reeds in the wind. Hurry past me, scurry past me. Lest I stop you and break your fall. Or is it your rise? A spineless feather. How far will you go? Wanton and whimsical. So whimsical. Why let suppressed feelings come to the foreground? Let them lie, let them die,till not even a whisper of a breath remains. And then we'll all laugh and mock, haha. Who am I anyway, just a little deeper and the urge to be stronger. But let the urge win, it'll support my weight and my conscience. Patience and wisdom. Birds of a feather? Birds of spineless feathers?

Reached home just on time for iftar on Saturday, dahi vadas, the dal, the chutney. Ossum.
Sis and I got to the usual laughing-for-no-reason routine. I kept saying 'Uh-oh' 'I'm an excellent driver' and while clearing up after dinner and she was studying, I started calling out 'Popkyrns! 2 rupiss .. 2 rupiss popkyrns!' imitating the guy selling popcorn on the bus I take ever week. We decided that i'd write a book titled Bus to Gachibowli (on the lines of Khushwant Singh's Train to Pakistan) and then sis started reading out passages from it 'She waited and watched through the window as the children played. Dusk was coming and cicadas shrilled loudly. The smell of the wet earth brought tears to her eyes.He had not come.' something on the lines of the typical crossover books :D.

I was trying to study crypto and said something about encryption and she sighed. 'You study such nice techie stuff' and I replied 'Nah, I hardly know anything'.
'of course, YOU wouldnt know , but other people in your college who really paid attention, they'd know such nice things . I know zilch about the things you study ...'
'Well you also study such complex stuff and I know nothing about those! ANd it must be so interesting ! '
'Well you still know a few medical terms...'
and we continued admiring the grass on the other side. She told me some amazing things about the way we walk after I told her about what one of our A.I. professors had said about walking robots. That should make another post.
Damn have to write about the PDHD guy's talk about globla too. Soon. Soon. Maybe after tomorrow's exam if I can.

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