Wednesday, October 20, 2004

hee hee haa haa

Sometimes you're in a calm and placid mood and something happens that makes you grin like crazy. Today was one of those days ...

Our networks professor, Shatru, to those who have not been introduced to him before is to put it mildly a sadist. He is also one of the weirdest persons I have ever known (My fingers are crossed, please let him never ever come across this post, not till our grades are out atleast). He is rather strange, I liked him okay till my last post about him. He's very knowledgeable about his subject, must give him that credit.

One day,he very matter of factly told us that anybody who had signed for anybody else during attendance or had got someone else to do it for them were going to flunk. He could have warned us about this before but now he took great sadistic pleasure in telling us. That whole class he kept interrupting his presentation and kept linking it with how this or that was like the people who had proxied. Lots of people were shit scared. I , Rn, Kir must have proxied and been proxied for around thrice or a little more. There were people who were in far deeper trouble, like our CR who proxied for around 10-15 people everyday, the kind SoUl that he is.

In the middle of another of those interruptions he told us how 9 of his classmates had been shot and killed in some university at patiala. Now he said this very very matter of factly as if it was something that happened everyday. He mentioned it so casually that we discussed later on about how it must have affected him so badly and caused him to become like this. He told all the people who thought they were guilty to mail him or *stricter* punishment than an F would be given. He told us that around him in his office (he's a corporate hotshot, worked for lots of state governments, other countries etc etc) there was a fingerprint expert and a handwriting expert. So the culprits would be out in no time .. as if we were small kids and the boodha was coming to eat us up... He does qualify as the bogey man though.

Anyway I have muchas digressed. Today I wanted to skip the mess dinner and started out for the small place 3 bucks away from college. I didnt have much money and since the ATM right outside the college had started functioning as Rn and I discovered yesterday, I took my card and went in.

Now i've never used an ATM to draw out money, hell i didnt even have a bank account till 2 years ago. Mom and dad had done this of course a zillion times but then i've never had good powers of observation when it comes to practical things.

After staring at the machine , there were 4 slots or maybe 5! I finally figured out the one for the card (ok, i know that only one would fit the size of the card but anyway) and then i couldnt get to the right screen. Some guy from outside came and helped me out. We tried thrice, some problem with the account it says!! I must have spent 10 or fifteen minutes there and I was really mad when I got out. Stood across the road staring at it angrily while looking at the road for autos going to i.nagar.

Just then i noticed an oldish looking guy turn his scooter and come around to my side. I was just staring waiting for the guy to pass me by when he stopped right in front and said 'Do you want me to drop you somewhere?'
I was staring almost angrily by now, who did he think he was, coming up to me and stopping in front of me like that??

And then it struck. This weird looking guy in the helmet was none other than dear Shatru himself! Now it was hard to keep myself from smiling, like I've mentioned before, this guy is really weird(count ++) and he's got a funny accent so we laugh at him pretty much in spite of all his sadism.

I managed to blurt out while trying not to smile .. 'Uhmm no sir.. thank you .. I'll go by myself ..'

'You will wait for another transport?' (See I told you he talked funnily )

I nodded my head vigorously and smiled and said thank you and he turned around and left.

All the way till i.nagar , all the way back again, all the time while I shared the food i'd brought with rn, I grinned and grinned and grinned.

She told me I should have taken the lift and bragged about it more, but I find him too weird and dont think I would have wanted to do that.

Thank you dear Shatru for giving me a reason to smile for so long and making my day. Muah *ROFL*

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