Monday, October 25, 2004

A post full of blabber

Disclaimer: Keeping track of life. Can be boring. Very boring.

Been a long time. Too many things to do.

Was home on Thursday and Friday. Slept through 3/4th of them. Neither mom and sis woke me up while I was taking my 40000 winks, but mom commented later 'Tum aao toh sahi exams ke baad, tumhara timetable sab sahi kar doongi'
and scared that I was, I said 'Why? What did I do? Haan, haan? ' and sis kept giggling all the while 'Haha, it'll be so much fun, haha' and drove me really mad. Therefore I left without a proper goodbye and did not iron sis' clothes. Phah. Serves her right! Still I know they will always have the last laugh. Humph.

When I was falling asleep for the umpteenth time while waiting for mom to vacate the bathroom, sis started singing 'There she soz, there she soz again ... ' And I seriously cant contain it. My spine goes for a holiday everytime I go home. Surely they can forgive a few faults.

Going on to happenings here, Leni has found my blog. Dodo, this is all your fault :(, it was IMHO inevitable, so doesnt matter much. However, there are certain things I have to get back at Leni for, like for saying 'I'll do this for you if you smoke'. How I wish I had given you a black eye for that. Your name shall not be hidden for long, Leni ...

Singing competition finally ended. The second and third prize winners should ha ve come first and second respectively. The first prize winner sang 'Some guys have all the luck' in a very nasal and indian classical tone. He is a first class singer for hindi songs, he shoulda stuck to that. Had a good time at his expense.

Oh and now there are 4 occupants at home excluding me ( I have already been branded paraya and the hostel rechristened ghar) . A 20 something help and her four month old kid. The first day when I saw him, she'd put so much kajal on his eyebrows, he looked like ravana. The next day he proved to be quite a distraction to sis and moi trying to study. Havent seen a baby so young for quite some time and a baby who kept looking at the ceiling, here and there or following us around with his eyes while we were walking.

I wondered aloud, 'wonder what he's thinking. Must his mind be a blank?' And since he kept shaking his hands and cycling in the air, sis said 'He's looking at his hands and saying 'Oh lookie, colour colour'' :D With the kajal on we called him scary baby 1 (we had been talking about scary movie 3) and the next day, without it, he became stare-y baby 1.

Now I have blabbered enough, have work to do :(.

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