Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Was watching this compilation of the best scenes from Friends in Rn's room. It was really good and very
funny, the last bit was titled Friends and Lovers and had all the mushy scenes and all the kisses. Its surprising
how they maintained the quality right up till the end, except maybe for the 10th season. Never involved any
extraordinary happenings, quite believeable. (I read somewhere that France and a few other countries think
endless reruns of Friends have been deteriorating their culture. Hmm.)

At the end, it showed the six of them waving and crying, Phoebe especially. Made me wonder if it was real or
faked, just to make the viewers happy. Rn said 'Why would they do it at the end, what would it get them?' but
then later I thought of our play last year, for a batch competition called Amalgam.

I didnt have much of a role, but nobody really did except one guy who played God, who comes down to our
college to solve all the students' troubles but ends up desperate to get back to heaven because the situation
was unredeemable. We worked for quite a few days, practised till 3 in the night too on a couple of days.
There's a photo of all of us, maybe 20-30 people in the canteen.

I and Su were part of the Airtel advertisement, the one that had say something, say nothing etc. according to
the picture. At the end of our version, I had to slap him and this had been practised quite a few times
without any proper slapping done in spite of Rn's egging-ons 'to make the most of it'.Before we got on to the
stage, I was so strung-up, found myself clutching su's wrist and scared to death. On the stage however, i
seemed to have lost track of what I was doing (does not mean I did not act well :D) and slapped the guy hard
enough to have him stare at me shocked after we got off the stage. Still threaten him with that :D.

After the whole thing ended, all the actors seemed to have gone crazy,everyone was hugging each other,
shouting and hooting for all our hard work had paid off and things had gone off without any major glitches.
We were so happy and the dialogues remained on everyone's lips for a long long time. We had practised at
most for 10 days, and Friends was for 10 years. Plus they apparently had lunch together every week so it
really must have become a very big thing.

All said and done, I wish it was still running. Joey just cannot replace it.

Don't you just love it when something is 'out of the scope of this book'?

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