Monday, October 04, 2004


Fri night was the musical night, the group folk dance that i'd given so much support to ended up last which seems to be characteristic of everything I take on.

Nnnnnnnneway had fun watching all the group dances in the western category since i'd been to all their practise sessions. In this atleast we came second. Had a rock show later on, Kir was awesome singing Zombie and college band Insomnia did a great job of rocking the crowd. Of course then the booze had to start flowing. People from behind the stage started passing it around in Thums Up bottles and soon quite a portion of the crowd was drunk and stinking. Some people began smoking too and as Rn's theory goes, started getting rather gay.

As Kir puts it in her intellectual way, drinking greatly affects the personal distance funda,
irrespective of girl-guy, girl-girl or guy-guy as we noticed the people right in front of us.

One of the guys in our college, determined by rumours to be gay and them further solidified from the way he speaks and his general appearance, was dancing gayly (pun intended) and swinging to the dj's pathetic beats ( you'd know they were pathetic if it was two english songs followed by a punjabi song) when another guy came up close, rather too close and what followed left our mouths agape. Another of our classmates spent all his time standing and dancing in front of his friend who lay stretched out and totally 'tun' on a chair in front of him.

After the music winded up there were three guys still on the stage,Blu, San and Nip. Some of the drunk junta was still around, these three had had quite their fill.

'Cmon everybody, lets do the snake dance' and they put their hands together at the top of their heads and started acting like cobras in search of popularity.

We were still watching them with an amused expression when they stretched out their hands to a junior who was on the ground in front of them. They urged him to climb up and when he did, turned him around and pushed him down the stage. The moment he was down, they begged him to get onto the stage and thus pushed him down again.

This highly intellectual pursuit seemed to have caught their fancy pretty much, so they proceeded to call the two heads of the cultural council (who are not very popular, especially not with the three aforementioned souls) and after having dragged them up on the stage, announced to the attentive onlookers 'We are very thankful to the cultural council for giving us this great opportunity to have fun. Thankyou , thankyou!" and then pushed the two unlucky blokes down the stage too.

Then of course they sought the 'ultimate bakra', population and started singing in their drunken brawl 'Pople, aankhon mein aankhen daal Pople ... aajaa stage pe aa, Pople' and burst into laughter. Poor population, good for him that he did not come though it would have heightened the fun.

Guess we're going to have fun when the dean starts talking about the party in his next class.
Like he announced at the end of the show in his characteristic way that gets him all the hoots and the catcalls 'I think the guys are having a lot of fun. We shall discuss more about this in the classes'. Young at heart, he truly is.

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