Monday, October 04, 2004


Got home early and mom had gone to visit nani since she was being operated on for some minor thing so got a chance to sleep almost the whole day without any raving or ranting from mom or sis. Sis was busy coming up with some dish she calls truly italian, made of kheema and potatoes topped with cheese and baked. Lol this description reminds me of the names we used to cook up for simple home food to sound like the 5 star hotel food. Therefore normal 'khatti dal' would be Lentil soup with a touch of tamarind paste ,garnished with fried cumin seeds, mustard and red dried chillies.

Anyway she put too much salt into it ('I love thee as much as meat needs salt') but i ate it anyway. Mom came back in the evening and we went out for eid shopping . Its convenient to finish it early before it becomes too crowded during the season. Got a nice enough dress, am not raving mad about it though. I am getting varry picky these days, tsk tsk.

Sunday's ijtema was nice and I have not kept my resolutions. Shall tomorrow inshallah, she talked about how a guy who came back from the same flight they had died all of a sudden when he vomited blood. 'You never know when its coming,so beware' she said. Need to work hard on lots of things.

Mom made awesome macaroni and cheese for rn and pitti, couldnt stop myself from eating it though i'd thought i had had enough for lunch. Mummy, you rock! :D

Watched 'The Italian Job' , one helluva movie. What a plot! So un-hindi-movieish!! Rn and I did some sigret stuff later, shall have to take some inputs from Sat :D

Better sleep now, yayy no naytworks class tomorrow! Goo nite people.

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