Monday, September 13, 2004

Throwball *Catch it!!*

So I did not keep up to my resolution at all and slept for at best two hours last night. Was
woken up with a loud banging on my door.

I had promised the most enthusiastic of our throwball team members that i'd try and be there to cheer and that this time I did not want to make our team lose points by gaping at the falling ball and ducking at the last moment. I had replaced one of my scared subjuns at a brave attempt to try to play a game I have never played even in school, I have always been terrified of balls hurtling at you. Though I made one or two vain attempts to try to catch the ball I had not succeeded.

6 am
Desperate subjunior #1:*whining* Di, where are all the girls? I cant find anyone to come to play!

Me: Go wake up the senior in that wing, I'll come in some time.

Sometime later

Frantic and loud knocking on the door

Frantic subjunior #2: Di! Di! Are you coming??

Me from the bed: Yaaaa, I'll come, you guys go ahead.

FS #2: Please Di, we're not a team yet, we'll be given a by, come Di!

Me still not fully awake: Ok, I'll come. See you!

Think to myself that since I cant play and have Networks coming up soon I'd rather sleep.

10 minutes later

FS #2: Di!! Are you coming or not ??

Me finally up and at the door:Okay, I'll come.

Change and rush out into the sun, eyes still watering. Erstwhile house captain 'You look like you just woke up!' Guess he thinks i'm the champ player come to save the team.

Even though we were a very sucky team we gave a good fight to the opposing house, enough for one short-tempered female from their team to start shouting at her teammates in anger.

Their captain sniggered 'Cmon people, play up! They dont even have a team!' However we-no-a-team, did do a great job. My job consisted of shouting 'Yes!' , 'Cmon people,we can do it!' and 'Yayy girl' combined with hooting and yelping, you get the picture. The ball came my way once but it was like I was trying to play dodgeball. I was standing so much to the edge of the court that it prompted Ru to laugh and say 'You might as well come and stand outside with us and cheer!' I gave him a frosty stare, he shut up. ( My mom is also scared of my stare, so whose Ru? :D)

We lost by three points, but it was still good. One more match to go, hopefully we'll win that. Came back and played a little tt. I'm sucky at all sports, why didnt I ever play at school??

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