Monday, September 13, 2004


Networks class

Shatru wandering around and asking people questions. Nobody puts up their hands except for one of our class' favorite bakras. He gets onto the dais and people start laughing and correcting him.

Shatru gets mad. Delivers a big lecture on how we dont speak up in our turn and then criticise others when they do. Talks about how often this happens in the corporate world and how south indians generally tend to speak less and dont speak up when they should, thus causing the company problems when they make impractical promises. Adds that north indians speak too much and sometimes when they shouldnt be. Class starts laughing.

Cancels lecture and says next class will have random people answering questions, if they fail they lose 5 percent of their marks! *Remark to Rn :Sadist!*

Starts talking about a yoga camp being held somewhere. Apparently his colleague lost weight and came down from 110 kilos to 80 or some such miraculous figure in 15 days with the asanas from this camp. 'Even tayn days will make much difference. You will be seeing how much you can gain. I see you people have lots of underweight people also , you can balance that also'. Class is laughing

*Remark to Rn: So this guy actually does yoga before coming to class at 8:30? *
*Rn: Wow yaar, his clothes are always so impeccable. I think he's the perfectionist type.
Wonder where he does his laundry
*Me: Arre dhobans are also pretty good
*Rn : You dont know yaar, they can also spoil your clothes sometimes
*Me: Hmm
*Rn: Wonder how he comes to our college? Bike or car?
*Me:Bike probably
*Rn:Well it has to be a car or his hair would have been in a disarray.
*Me: Yeah probably

As we discovered later, Wabbit and I ran out after him when he left the building, he rides a Honda Activa (Hundactivity is what my 4th class cousin calls it). He wears a red helmet (like the pizza guys :D) so that explains his hair.

Now , their was no chair in front of mine so the place was empty and Shatru was using it as a place to pause and air his views while walking along the aisles. I was finding him funnier and weirder by the minute and as an outcome of the discussion with rn and my sizing up of him I had kept laughing through the class.

All of a sudden Shatru is standing in front of me and giving me a very benign and kindly smile,looking down at me and says 'Why dont you ever speak in tha claass? You dont like it?' and I was like 'Errm , nothing like that sir'. 'Okay' and walks ahead. I'm left staring and asking Rn 'What the ?'. Found ditsie and people staring at me from the front of the class and smiling.

Later heard from them that they had heard it as 'Why dont you ever sleep in the class?' Now that was a question you could never ask me. I suppose he'd seen me sleeping too or atleast with a face as blank as my notebook. I never found any doubts to ask him majorly because I had not studied what had happened the previous day and today I had been debating whether to ask him something bout our assignment and this had to happen! It made it impossible for me to ask anything without it seeming fake.

Pitti's summary of it was *with her hand petting my head* 'Ha ha, he must have thought this little girl , she must be too scared to speak up in class, let me encourage her, thats what every professor thinks of you , ha hah ha hah' and I didnt know what to say.Hmmf, bad Shatru.

Surprisingly I am very popular in my philosophical discussion on human desires class, likes me and all my questions. Maybe I took the wrong stream. *Gigglers, stop!*

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