Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Networks class:

Shatru with trademark weird smile on his face: 'So have you all prepared all the algos? Who will come here and explain on the board?'

He passes me by and I know i'm going to be the one called. He pauses in front of me and says 'Why dont you do it?'

And yours truly got up readily and with a flourish and there was the tinkling of a whole lot of coins falling to the ground. (Apparently, my pouch wasnt zipped properly and ... .This pouch is irreplaceable, almost everyone in the college recognizes it as mine. It has my room key, holds my cell, pen(s) and money). Everybody laughed and that me nervous.

I went up to the board and he asked me to explain 1 persistent protocol, this was one of the easiest things and I was glad. I dont know what was wrong with me, it took me two minutes to get my voice out of my mouth , guess i was totally living upto his expActations of being a tongue-tied shy little girl. The silence prompted him to ask me twice 'Should I give you the microphone?' and I, completely confident of my ability to reach the back of the class said no. (I do a lot of cheering, so I should be able to do this pretty easily,I thought.

I started to explain, somewhat uncertainly but then got the hang of it. Now it seemed like this guy wanted me to remain there for as long as possible, so he kept asking me questions till i answered wrongly to one of his questions. And very sweetly he said 'Just think for a minute what you are saying' and I stood there and thought for some time without getting the right answer till one of my classmates in the front row prompted me , so I told him the answer.

'Hmm, okay' he said and tried keeping me there for some time more and then left me. I guess I lived up to his image of being an oppressed, tortured girl who couldnt speak out for fear of people. But he was soooo sweet :D . ANyway I asked him a question later too so I hope now he think's i'm fine.

I shall habb to ask more questions from now on.


Life is at suck levels these days. Bad hair days, bad skin days and generally things going wrong.

Yesterday had a big argument with Airtel's 'customer service executive'. Damn them. All mah money gone waste.

By dinner time I was so drained, I remember telling Su 'I wouldnt mind if you threw me off the main building right now' and he replied saying 'I woudnt mind if I fell off the moon right now' :D , so I guess it was an all around thing.

Anyway, felt pretty rejuvenated after dinner. RSB.

Lost my first tt match also yesterday, which made dad lament 'How come none of my daughters have any interest in sports? I was so good at everything'.
But he had to go then, so we decided to continue the argument another day :D.

Hope you are having fun. Have some fun for me too.

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