Sunday, September 12, 2004


So we lost the election, to more worthier people ;). For the other two committees, they got real weird people elected. One won by intimidating poor susceptible juniors and now we have a pretty unworkable-under committee head.

I am right now seized with a strong ambition to work and work hard (and look what i'm doing, no just making a note of it so i can remember ).

I have also made a resolution to not keep late hours. But I dont know how long that will last either.

I should get started on Diffie and Hellman and make my life worthwhile *solemn glance*.

I bid thee all to work hard and pray that thou wilt not go have to go through the heartache of ending with the least number of votes ! ( and my committee member dodo did not tell people he was in my committee and so we lost out on more votes!! This is the beginning of KILL DODO - Vol 1 - His Name Should Tell You ALL )

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