Monday, September 27, 2004


Things that made me laugh last week:
-R teasing me with 'mere shell mein paishe nahin hai'. I do NOT talk like that, but it still made me laugh. Plus the number of lays i owe him.

-in the house singing competitions:
In the western singing, junior coming up and singing BSB's Larger Than Life. What a song to choose!
Another one coming up and singing Quit Playing Games which was still alright because the guy had lots of enthu.

one of our classmates singing Ronan's When you Say Nothing At All in a pucca indian accent without a trace of an American one. Stomach-achingly hilarious.

-Was raving about a junior who sang Pearl Jam's Last Kiss while playing the guitar to Pitti and Ru who was in a very Govindaish mood after having watched Jodi No. 1, he renamed it
Aakhri Chumma and pitti went 'Eww eww eww, you've ruined the song in my head!!'

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