Monday, September 27, 2004

Last week

sunday: went to M aunty's place. Poor lady had stuck the iron to her skin while trying to relieve the pain in her leg. She cribbed and cribbed and cribbed and cribbed, made me feel grateful for whatever I had. Was nice to everybody when we got back :D.

Made a Monday to Monday pact with R, lasted only till Friday.

Cheered like crazy in the house basketball matches. House won. They lost the next match though, probably because i'd gone home and wasnt there to cheer :D.

On Sat sis and I went out to do a little jewellery shopping, ended up buying my first pieces of make-up ( am not a very make-uppy kind of person), somehow just possessing things like that makes me feel good. Must be the women and shopping thing again. :)

On Sunday went with mom's school's kids to CCMB (Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology) 's campus. Sexy campus. Wish I could work there somehow. Its huge and the main lab is something you would not expect to see in India. Way to go people!
Was a scorchingly sunny day, skin felt like sand paper. Getting better.

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